Friday, December 30

Bohemian Guy

My husband playing guitar in his classroom, taken by a parent

How can you not love a guy that plays bass guitar for his 5th grade students?

Here's a funny conversation that transpired about 4 years ago:

Brother in-law Jay: You should marry a teacher.

Me: Jay, I don't want to marry a teacher. I'm attracted to musicians, writers and artists.

Brother in-law Jay: You'll end up marrying a teacher.

Me: I might not ever get married...let's change the subject.

Brother in-law Jay: Teachers are nice, dependable and smart people.

Me: Whatever.

So...what happens a few months later? I met a teacher. A teacher who is a musician, a writer, designer...and is nice, dependable and smart.

Be careful of what your family members wish for you.

I don't think I've ever admitted to Jay that he was right. Let's just pretend it was my idea all along.