Thursday, December 15

Lushy Love

Our red, red wine, Kodak EasyShare LS753

"Drink wine, and you will sleep well. Sleep, and you will not sin. Avoid sin, and you will be saved. Ergo, drink wine and be saved."

- Medieval German saying

This above quote is for my lovely true-blue German mother in-law. She's indeed a lover of wine and will relish this! Cheers, mom.

I sat up at a wine bar the other night with my best frister. The ambiance was dark, candle lit and full of single (or not so single) men drooling at the sight of her. The coolest thing was that she was so oblivious to it and was totally into me instead. *smile* Nice!

We did a bit of wine tasting. A bit meaning...ummm...6 glasses of HUGE half filled red wine goblets. Feeling Lushy??? Yes!

At first we tried to be all elle-professional wine taster-esque by swishing the wine in a circle to see the legs (aka: wine trailing down inside from the rim). Then putting our nose up into the glass to smell all the aromas (learned this from the movie Sideways). Sipping and swirling it around in our mouths, and then snapping our tonques to the roof of our mouth as if to taste the strawberry, peach, cedar - whatever the description our wine menu displayed.

We'd then look at one another, nod and gently grab the next glass by the stem. After trying each of the six wines with this, "Oh I totally know what I am talking about" attitude...we then started the Lush Wars. Gulp, Gulp, Gulp...aaaaaaaaahhhhhh...the buzz. THAT is what we really wanted, right???

Usually when we feel that yummy-wine-buzz, we giggle at ourselves, giggle at others, as everything floating around us becomes the muse of our conversation.

This time was different.

We got deep. We got mushy. We even got teary!! *gasp*. It turned out to be one yummy love fest. Soulfully sharing about our thoughts on the relationships in our lives (boys, families, work, friends) and speaking our truth on some concerns we had about one another and decisions we had made. Noone around us existed (well, with the exception of the handful of Canadian hockey players that she would glance at in between sharings).

Everything we shared came from a place of the deepest of raw love...even the uncomfortable things that we had been afraid to share for fear of hurting one another. It is all in the delivery. If you offer up feelings with a big warm hug and gushing with love...defenses come down and hearts open...and trust is solidified.

So there we were...a tall blondie and a petite brunette, looking like Lezzies all draped on one another up at the bar. One of many of the most amazing moments I have ever exchanged with my best frister. Cherish, cherish...

Thank you, truth serum...for your assistance here.

*chink, chink* Cheers!!!