Monday, December 19

Narnia and Kong

So, I went to go see a few matinee's this weekend with the hubs: First King Kong on Saturday then the Chronicles of Narnia on Sunday.

I cannot stop thinking of the fiercely passionate 25 foot Gorilla and the spiritually magestic Lion (Aslen).

Their characters moved me. I am not even going to mention how fantastic the special effects were because that will make these animals seem less real to me. So...let me just live in my fantasy world and pretend that I can visit Kong on Skull Island if I miss him and go into my parents wardrobe later this week so I can venture into Narnia and cuddle up next to Aslen, the Lion.

Let me share a cute moment. My husband and I were sitting all cuddled up in our theater seats with our legs up on the empty chairs in front of us. With our arms intertwined and our eyes wide with amazement, we watched the little girl Lucy take her first steps into Narnia from the wardrobe. The snow was falling, wind softly blowing and ethereal music was dancing all around us. I was immediately transported into a fantasy world, just as I was back in third grade while my teacher read this book by C.S. Lewis to our class (little bits every day).

Then my husband looked at me, whispered in my ear and said..."Let's go there together..." (meaning Narnia).

My heart dropped to my stomach when he said this. I looked at him, with my face all lit up, nuzzled my nose into his shoulder (good thing it wasn't runny) and thought to myself; I am so blessed that I married someone with a huge imagination and childlike spirit...just like me. He's currently writing a fantasy novel, so I know how natural it is for him to create in his mind and write about a world such as Narnia.

I know...we're freaks.

If inspired, go see these films...you'll know what I mean. I'd love to hear your experience.