Saturday, December 17

Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek, Spring Tour, Photo by Adam Brimer

Last night I went to a Nickel Creek concert at the House of Blues with some extremely cool people. I truly dig this band. In fact, whenever I see them I am most definitely brought to tears. Their music is soulful and the harmony and melodies divine...but what truly moves me is how passionate each one of them are about their instruments as they play. Not to mention the fact that each one of them were natural musicians at a very young age and have played together for years.

This band inspired me to love Blue Grass.

This band introduced me to the sound of a mandolin.

I have a crush on the way Sarah Watkin's dresses...and how confident she is about her beautiful goddess~like curvy body up on stage. She is radiant:

Sara Watkins

See, isn't she adorable??

Well...unfortunately I felt a bit ill and had to leave far too early than I had hoped. Although, what saved me from being extremely sad about this was the previous time I saw them.

I have a seriously cool friend (more on how I met this sweet guy in a future blog) that is a producer for a local independant radio station. This station is a huge fan of this band. So my friend invited me to a private members concert for Nickel Creek and I was able to show up before the concert and watch their sound check. As I helped my friend put up posters in the dim, candle lit bar...I was feet away from them. They were chatting with one another, giggling, being their talented down to earth, very~human selves.

I felt honored to be a part of that and the concert was very intimate. They played old songs, new songs and told funny stories. Their entire family was sitting up front and that just made it feel so homey. I am not sure if anything will compare to that...but I'll keep trying.

Check out their music...perhaps you'll fall in love with them as I have.