Thursday, December 29

Spilling Open

Some of my favorite books, Kodak EasyShare LS753

Sabrina reminds me in her books that it is okay to spill open. That it is BRAVE to spill your emotions as you feel them.

Yesterday I was feeling embarrassed of the blog I wrote. I felt that I always have to come to this place being positive and fruitful and wise. I feared that my words would leave the readers sad and depressed.

Today I am feeling brave for speaking my truth and am full of hope that you will be inspired to speak yours. I am reminded that it is beautiful and human to feel a myriad of emotions. I am reminded that to be in touch with myself is being ALIVE and AWARE.

Today my dear childhood friend also reminded me that I tend to be hard on myself. That being a Virgo, I always strive towards perfection...even with my own emotions. Her loving and kind words allowed me to embrace inperfection with my feelings today and I find myself breathing deeper and more full.

One of the many gorgeous aspects of having friends in your life is that they remind you to laugh at yourself when you take yourself too seriously.