Tuesday, December 6

Sweet Sixteen

Kelly, my niece...our lovely wedding fairy, photo by Robin Nations

Kelly is sweet sixteen today. Do you remember what a milestone this was for you, as a young woman?

Sweetness indeed.

Her presence has been with me all day as I celebrate her in my heart. Kelly is a kindred spirit. An old soul.

As long as I can remember looking into her beautiful, unique eyes, she's had this penetrating way about them. When she looks at you...she really sees into your soul. I relate it to how I would feel if I was standing before Jesus, or Buddha. I can imagine I would feel naked, stripped of all material things and it's just me left...the real me. Standing there, I would still feel accepted, embraced and not judged.

That is how I feel around Kelly.

Accepted... with all my quirks.


Embraced...in her warm hugs.

So this journal entry is ode to Kelly...my dear niece and true friend. The kind of friend that always picks up where you left off, as if it never left in the first place.

I love you, as does everyone that meets you.


Auntie Denise