Monday, December 12


Twisters Vintage, Berkeley, CA, Kodak EasyShare LS753

I adore this vintage store. I have a love affair with second-hand vintage clothes, accessories and THINGS.

I've often wondered what it is, exactly that I find so desirable about a piece of clothing, a hat box (my husband will tell you I have too many of these), kitchen ware, that have been worn and adored by another person...long ago.

A few of my hat boxes, Kodak EasyShare LS753

Why do I love *old* things?

Perhaps it is because each piece carries a bit of history of an era I have at times wished I could have been a part of.

Like when I wear my favorite long vintage jacket with it's faux fur collar around the neck, my thoughts drift to its previous lady~partner. I imagine her sitting outside a cafe in Paris with her Ava Gardner-esque beauty, sipping her espresso, smoking a long, thin cigarette and watching the passers by with her pouty lips. What was going through her mind?

When I am open to these ponderings...I sometimes feel her whispering to me, sharing her stories. Perhaps it is all in my wild imagination, perhaps not. So yes...I suppose I have a lot of imaginary friends!

There's just something comforting about having treasures that have been worn, held, loved and snuggled in by someone else. Someone that had their own personal style and loved to express themselves in how they dress and decorate their lives.

I guess I like to do that too. Perhaps someone 100 years from now will be wearing my clothes and carrying my hat boxes.

I'll whisper to her too. I will.

ps. Speaking of vintage-flaire type clothing...here are a few duds that I drool over by this fabulous designer and this delicious store.