Tuesday, January 10


Preparing the Space, Kodak EasyShare

It is time to begin.

I am off to play with my pastels. To put into color the lovely women that have danced across my sketch pad in ink and pencil.

"The epiphany I had today is that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing now. My artistic work and creative journey - and the fact that I am sharing and chronicling it here - is what I need to do most of all. The more I put myself out there, share, encourage others, and do my best to inspire, the more my path feels like home and the more secure I feel in my own skin." - Swirly Girl

Thank you, Swirly Girl...for putting into words exactly how I feel today.

Here I go...

Music dancing thru the loft.

Candles burning.

Smudging and clearing my space.

Pictures of my tribe and those that inspire me smiling down on my drafting table.

Hair in a messy braid.

Shirt sleeves rolled up.

Fingers covered in chalk.

A happy tear in my eye.

A smile on my face.

Today I feel like me...fully.