Saturday, January 14

Blonde Moment

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I had such a blonde moment the other day. I don't really like associating blondes with brainless moments. We all have them. I'm obviously a brunette. It's just that our culture has used this terminology to describe what I am about to share, so I decided to give into this term...just this once.

My husband, our friend Billy and I were standing in line outside of our theatre door waiting to be let in for the movie Munich. On the walls behind us were three posters/ads hanging for movies coming soon. One of them was Miami Vice.

I never watched that series when I was younger...but my husband had just admitted that he did. As soon as the woman standing next to us heard this, she added that she was a huge fan of Miami Vice, Don Johnson and the whole bit.

As I was listening to them talk about how this program was the quintessential 80's show, I was pondering something...so I patiently waited until they were finished and I chimed in;

"I wonder where this show took place. I remember it being really beautiful with loads of Palm Trees. Do you think it might have been Palm Springs?"

"Ummm..." my husband responded..."Miami?"

My mouth dropped open. I blushed something fierce. They were all trying to hold their laughter with smirks and their cheeks full of air. So I gave them the cue that it is okay to laugh at me...because I started laughing at myself.

Good one, Denise. Classic.