Friday, January 6


Bumper Sticker, Kodak EasyShare

Today I am feeling grateful for…

*Cool Canadian bumper stickers

*My acupuncturist and her ability to help shift my perspective yesterday

*Marmie's handmade scarves around my neck

*My sister Pam and her email with the subject title: “I love you”

*Green tea with evaporated milk and organic sugar

*Suz for leaving on our answering machine…"how’s my two favorite people?”

*My husband always willing to stop whatever he’s doing to hold me if I need it

*The sound of rain against our windows

*My yummy Aunt Marilyn for her dozen prayers (just in case God didn't hear the first one)

*A lovely woman dancing across my sketch pad

*My big sis Darlene for telling she thinks I should write a book

*Amber pouncing up on my bed every morning to nuzzle my neck and purr

*Letha not minding that she’s practically my human journal

*Cooking the first dinner that I haven’t ruined in a long time

*Connecting with an old friend…I dig you five

*Jen’s beautiful truthfulness with her feelings

*My niece Angela sharing how my spirit gave her courage during a rainy day in London

*Andrea’s endless support

*Discovering this night cream

*The new season of The L Word coming in a few days

*My niece Kelly wanting my fashion advice (she’s a teen – I’m in my thirties, so cool)

*Watching my husband get jazzed about writing his novel

*Browsing thru this fabulous book from my dear friend Zsu

*Wet braids at night transforming into curly hair in the morning

*Having a place to go when I need to lighten up

*Feeling so relaxed during a Guided Imagery CD that I fall asleep for a solid three hours not hearing the pounding construction next door (ahhh...meditation!)

*My decision to not take my temperature every morning for fertility reasons because it's adding stress

*Leonie and her word: Gigglesnort

*My Fall Cargo Pants from this cool company...

and last but not least; for my “Canadian Boy” and his nightly brew of Aveda Comfort Tea.