Wednesday, January 18

Guinness Times Three

Our Liquid Dinner, Kodak EasyShare

I think there is a potion in Guinness that provokes one to tell their deepest, darkest secrets. Stories that live somewhere sacred within you waiting for that perfect vulnerable and trusting moment to spill.

Carsten and I simultaneously got a wee bit fed up with being inside our heads here at home writing, creating, planning, THINKING too much and said screw this...let's go drink a pint.

Or three...or four.

Our favorite Irish pub downtown is quite the experience. Sitting up at the bar on very worn, wooden stools, listening to the Irish accent of our bartenders and the Celtic music floating in the background...we always feel as though we are actually there.

In Ireland, that is.

Everything is imported from its country, including all the folks that work there. Sometimes, after a few hours, I'll even catch Carsten talking with a bit of an Irish lilt unbeknownst to him.

It's intoxicating, really...no pun intended.

Beam above bar, Kodak EasyShare

It's been far too long since we've ventured into what feels like a second home at times. We sat there, legs intertwined up at the bar, trying to search our minds for stories about ourselves that we haven't yet shared with the other. A fun game to play with someone you feel you know like the back of your hand. Come to find out...there is always so much more.

Pieces of their stage, Kodak EasyShare

There will always be so much more to learn about your partner and/or friend...if you listen and watch.

I like knowing there will always be a bit of mystery between us and forever a new story to tell.

Especially when they leave you with a serious belly laugh and happy tears rolling down your cheeks.