Monday, January 30

Hey Nonny Nonny...

A pensive Sean, Kodak EasyShare Digital

I know I write quite a bit about my friends. I just think they're so darn adorable!

The story of Sean is this...

It was a few years after I had been living in Dallas, Texas (lived there for four years) and I finally just moved into my own apartment in a purdy part of town (that's the way Texans pronounce the word "pretty").

I had just returned to my place from a jog when a knock came to my front door. I opened it up and there was Sean, writing a note on a yellow sticky pressed up against my door. We both had expressions of surprise on our face. Perhaps for him because he had expected to finish his note and for me because he was writing me a note!

With a warm smile and mid-western accent he said, "I live next door to you and I just wanted to tell you that I really think you and my roommate Bobbi could be friends. She's really cool and you seem to be the same age. We're both from out of town too." (they must have seen my California license plates).

How adorable is that?!?!? He was clearly very supportive of his best friend Bobbi and extremely courageous to knock on a strangers door based purely on a strong feeling he had in his gut.

So...he wrote down their phone number for me and a few days later, I met Bobbi the Beautiful. She turned out to be one of my bestest-soul-sister-friends and a bridesmaid in my wedding. I consider him our angel that saved us from our inability to soulfully connect with anyone out there in the Big D (aka Dallas). Bobbers and I had one another now and life felt so much lighter (and a hell of a lot more funny) with her in it.

Turned out Sean's gut feeling was right on.

Shortly after Bobbi and I met, Sean had moved back home to Minesota and for years I only heard through her what he was up to.

Two years later her and I moved on to other cities. I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area and Bobbi moved to Chicago but we remained in very close touch.

Now fast forward about 5 years and I move to Southern California. I am watching television and see Sean on a reality tv program. I phone Bobbi screaming..."Is that our Sean?!?!?"

"Yes...that's our Sean."

Come to find out, he's living 20 minutes away from my hubs and I...with his lovely girlfriend (now fiancee) whom I've heard so much about and have wanted to meet for years.

So, we gathered together and the story of friendship continues. Ties run deep through a circle of friends. It felt as if we had been hanging together for years.

Sean & Carey...newly engaged, Kodak EasyShare Digital

They are each soulful, creative, deep, thoughtful, adventureous, mindful...all qualities that when bundled together create a rare gem of a person.

Every time we are with them, we leave feeling warmer, deeper, wiser and I am grateful for the growth between us.

This weekend we all gathered to break bread together and to see a modern version of the Shakespeare play "Much Ado About Nothing."

All I can say is...Hey, nonny, nonny...