Friday, January 27

Messy Zen

Me being messy, taken by Carsten Kroon

I confessed to her that one thing I have been struggling with lately as an artist is that natural willingness to just play and be messy and not go by rules. Learning art in school was all about rules and I think that experience has influenced my behavior with creating products to sell for my business.

But this has been blocking a creative energy flow for me. I have felt stuck.

So she said this in response...

"Just for the rest of today, do me a big favor and go easy on yourself. Get a little sloppy."

So I did her a favor. I got messy. Pastels broken, liquids spilled, cans sprayed, brushes soaked, torn papers scattered, glue's spread and smudges of paint and pastel on my skin.

I want more of this in my studio. Art with No Rules. I felt a release in letting go.

Later, after cleaning up, I was then inspired to Feng Shui my studio with help from this book.

So I would say my day yesterday felt Messy Zen...a place in my consciousness that I would like to tap into more often.

Messy Zen, Kodak EasyShare Digital