Thursday, January 19

Missing You...

Suz & Me at tea, Kodak EasyShare

I am really missing my girls today...my tribe.

I am sending each of you a yummy warm hug (and perhaps a tear or two) to San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Seattle, Palo Alto, Pleasanton, Chicago, Santa Cruz, Livermore, Davis, Modesto, Santa Barbara, Canberra-Australia, Missoula, Asheville...the list goes on.

How electric and magical would it be to have you all with me in one room?

To spill, laugh out LOUD, cry, tease, tickle, dance, create...PARTAY are arsies off.

I just wanted to put it out there that I feel a longing today to be wrapped up in your arms with hopes that your energies will find me where I am.

You are all such A M A Z I N G women...and that is why you are where you are, doing what you do so gracefully...but I selfishly want you here for a wee bit today.

Today I am not feeling articulate or wise or profound. I feel a bit small and sad and lonely for estrogen! I know it is all part of this new journey of mine. Adjusting to being my own boss and having my own gig.

I read this last night from Andrea's Creative Business Guide:

"For the first two years of my business, I struggled with feeling lonely, afraid and overburdened by responsibility. What saved me was an awesome community of friends who offered support in various ways. Sometimes this showed up in the form of web design help or sales assistance at a trunk show. Other times it was a much needed phone call of encouragement. I discovered that I didn't feel so alone when my tribe of friends surrounded me."

I believe this is all part of the package of being BRAVE and putting our creative selves out there. So, I will embrace it as being NORMAL and okay and that I am not going insane or feeling hormonal (well, maybe) but that others have and do experience this as part of the whole path...especially in the beginning.

Perhaps it is a Rite of Passage. So with that...I accept this and will enter.

I thank YOU lovelies for all of your strength. Without you in my life, I wouldn't be as inspired to create. It is images and the essence of YOU that dance across my sketch pad.

I love you

I squeeze you

I kiss you

I hold you

I laugh with you

I cry with you

I dance with you

I partake in a pink drink with you...*smile*.

Off to the drafting board...(and perhaps a creative date with myself later for cheer).

Hands, Holly Horner Photography