Tuesday, January 31

Positive Thoughts

"positive thoughts" pastel drawing by bohemian girl, kodak easyshare digital

Yesterday, my inner critic was at her worst. She was having quite the field day on my psyche...and I was sucker punched. She knows when to strike...waiting until those hormonally challenged hours!!

I was drowning in a dark, downward spiral of negative thoughts about myself; my art, my business, my ability to conceive a child, my body image, my hair...you name it.

I decided to blow the friendship horn, calling out to some of my tribe. I was at the point where I felt I couldn't resurface and pull myself up without an extra hand. Well, those blessed souls came running at the sound and I was given a plethora of hands and showered with warm virtual hugs, wisdom, acceptance, love, listening ears and validation.

It was all I needed to stand up and tell my inner critic to GO AWAY.

Thank you yummies...you know who you are.

Last night I went to bed hugging my inner child (thanks to Leonie's reminder) and asking her to tell me in my dreams what I needed to do tomorrow to nurture my fragile self. I found out my inner child is wise beyond her years. She nestled those brilliant ideas into my psyche where the negative ones had once been.

I woke up and felt as if a thousands pounds had been lifted from my body, soul and mind. I felt more in love with me again. I was breathing full rhythmic breaths. I had an inner smile and a true warmth bubbling within.

So this is what I did with all of this good, good energy today:

Enjoyed a cup of warm green tea while reading my favorite she~blogs (andrea, jen, christine, leonie, Keri, dooce)

Drank a delicious healthy shake for breakfast

Wrote in my journal the advice I was given by my friends yesterday and what I had read in a few online articles about the power of positive thoughts and words

An hour of Power Yoga

This meditation CD

I then spent the remainder of the day creating a new pastel drawing (above) which emulated what I had learned though all of this:

Postive Thoughts Create Positive Change.

Towards the end of the day, I sat in my chair, put my hands on my belly and said some loving words out loud about me that I have forgotten or put aside for the time being. I repeated particular ones over and over. Tears began to roll down my face. Not out of sadness but welling up from a spring down deep within my soul where unconditional love resides.

It works. I am a believer. It transformed my whole being, my perspective in a matter of a few hours.

A challenge for you, dear hearts out there...do share your experience if willing.