Friday, January 20

We Happen It!

My shadow on rock, Kodak EasyShare

Love does not "happen" to us.
We happen it.
We happen it by removing that which blocks it.

Living a life is simply the process of removing
those barriers to experiencing Love.

~ by Joe Dominguez (In the book "The gentle art of blessing" by Pierre Pradervand)

I am working on removing that which blocks love in my life.

I felt a release yesterday as I walked along the shore and captured the sea through my camera lens.

I think a block also crumbled when I spent a short while at my favorite cafe, writing in my journal and sketching in my sketch book.

Another one crumbled as I read this book curled up on my couch with tea and a kitty nestled up against me.

And yet another one as I strummed my guitar.

These are just a few of the many things that I am learning help remove barriers for me. I know it works because today I definitely received some unexpected love soaked emails, phone messages and calls.

So by doing what nourished my soul..."I happened it". I happened Love.

This concept thrills me. I always wondered..."How do I remove blocks?" I think I am learning that I remove blocks by actively doing what inspires me to dive deeper, by being gentle with myself, by being raw and honest and putting myself out there.

I feel a crumbling, a melting...and what will I find when the blocks are gone?

To be continued.