Wednesday, February 15

a few things...

red flowering tree outside our place, Kodak LS753

a few things that made my heart sing today...

finding this tree (above) outside, down the way from our place. it must have always been there but i never quite paid attention. the red flowers called me over. i stood below, tilted my head back and stared into her blooms. i got teary eyed and apologized for not noticing her beautiful blossoms before today.

watching this play with my husband tonight, holding hands, getting lost in the dancers...wanting to be on stage swirling with them. remember how much i love to dance and that i was once told when i was young that i was naturally graceful. how we forget such things too quickly.

a walk around a poinsettia ranch with my friend carey at lunchtime. intimate sharings about religion vs spirituality. talk of the freedom of expressing your unique style by designing your own wedding dress and warm hugs surrounded by a plethora of pretty flowers.

exchanging cool thoughts with this beautiful and eclectic woman. discovering her blog, her jewelry and art...and my heart fluttering as my eyes search each gorgeous piece. getting lost in her world for a few moments and liking it very much.

drinking sangria outside in a gardeny courtyard laced with hanging paper lamps, red umbrella's, white strung lights and heat lamps above warming my cheeks.

listening to the song Heartstopper by Emiliana Torrini more than once. well...over and over, actually. never tiring of her voice, the lyrics.

having a good curly hair day and placing a sparkly barret on a curl where I normally wouldn't put it.

a treasure trove of a package sent to us from my mother and father in-law for Valentines. lots of gems for my jewelry design, books, vintage photos...yum!

planning a trip to see my parents and sisters in a few months.

receiving a sweet and endearing voicemail from my friend Tony that i miss very much.

this story making me crack up out loud all alone in my loft. that is when you know something is truly, truly comical. when you're all alone...and still laugh out loud.

my beautiful big sister Darlene opening her email to me today with "Sweet girl..." and ending it with "Sugar Buns". knowing she is feeling very far under the weather and yet still finds time to read my blog to see what her baby sister is up to. i love that she enjoys playing in my world as i enjoy playing in hers.

hearing my husband say..."we're celebrating Valentines all week...".

just a few things that made this day a memorable one for me.