Monday, February 20


our men & their shadows walking, Kodak LS753

This past weekend my niece was in town with her boyfriend and we were fortunate to carve out some quality time together.

angela & alex absorbing the view, Kodak LS753

We started with a picnic lunch, sitting on a bench up on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean waves crashing below. Then a beachy walk with arms around one another as our men walked ahead, laughing. And last but not least... a gathering of more of their friends at our favorite Irish pub for conversation, music and very carby food (love those chips & champs!).

angela & me at the pub, Kodak LS753

What really hit me this time about my relationship with Angela is that we are about 12 years apart but when we're together, our kindred connection and our like minded-ness truly transcends those years between us. I feel like our relationship is evolving from Aunt/Niece to long time friends. Although, I know I'll always be her Auntie...and hearing her call me this warms my heart deeply, but I love how our relationship is opening up new doors in our hearts. Rather than girl/woman it feels like woman/woman...you know?

She is very passionate about women's history. I get chills when she shares about all the women in our past that carved the way for us in our futures. She sometimes sends me names of women via email so that I can research and not be ignorant to those that fought for our equality.

I told Angela that someday she will be the female version of Professor Keeting played by Robin Williams in the film "Dead Poets Society". Standing before a classroom of college age women and passionately, theatrically bestowing her wisdom upon them about Her-story.

I thought to myself that I could see her gathering her most promised students and telling them of a secret "society" long, long ago that met in a cave beyond the campus where women would gather and read to one another, sharing hopes and dreams of how they can contribute to our society in a world where they will someday feel equal to men.

Hmmm...what would that women's society be called? Lets hear some names...how fun.