Thursday, February 23

i know...and i am grateful

me & hubs, Kodak LS753 & Photoshop Fun

i know it isn't easy to completely let go and trust that the decision we made for me to leave a cushy, safe corporate job to explore/begin my own creative venture... is going to be fruitful for us.

i know times are tight and we need to stay home more rather than go out on the town like we used to.

i know rather than buying those fashionable duds or cool decor for our house...we buy supplies for me.

i know you try to put on a brave and supportive face when at times you may be scared and worried.

i know you have to put up with my crazy cooking rather than eat the delicacies we so enjoyed at our favorite restaurants.

i know all these things...even if i don't tell you. i see how much you have taken this wild leap with me and sacrificed so many comforts you've enjoyed all of the years (the years before i came into your life too).

i am grateful every day for your endless support.

i am grateful that when you come home from work, you do not expect me to have created a ton of stuff to sell that day...and that you just trust my process. even when it is slower than i'd like at times.

i am grateful that you believe in me and with that...have no doubts.

i am grateful that you are my biggest fan.

i am so grateful that you truly desire this time for me to evolve, grow, play, experiment, study, watch, write, share, BE... each and every day in my studio.

i am grateful that you embrace all of me and want me to live my dreams...despite the cost.

this is what i imagined heaven would feel like. this free.

i know...and i am grateful.