Wednesday, February 22

Millionaire in Spirit

collage dance, Kodak LS753

From one bohemian to another...

“Who am I? I’m a poet. My business? Writing.

How do I live? I live.

In my happy poverty I squander like a prince,

my poems and songs of love.

In hopes and dreams and castles-in-air,

I’m a millionaire in spirit.”

~ Rodolfo, La Boheme

What is it you squander like a prince/princess in your happy poverty as an artist? What are your hopes and dreams...your castles-in-air for putting yourself out there and sharing your unique and creative talent with our world?

I think my hope and dream with my creations is to touch others so they do not feel alone and feel understood. To speak to them, resonate with them, move them inside so that they feel empowered to be unique...to live beyond convention, to change paradigms, to go against the grain and fully BE and embrace who they are without reserve.

If I knew I helped someone...even one person do this in their life...I would be a Millionaire in Spirit.