Wednesday, February 8


paper journal entry, kodak LS753

"We must continue to open in the face of tremendous opposition. No one is encouraging us to open...and still we must PEEL away the layers of the heart."

~ Chogyam Trungpa Pinpoche

It is so easy to close off, to guard myself, to go into my little shell of protection when facing tremendous opposition. Yes, that is easier and perhaps in some situations in the beginning, it is even healthy. It could be a time of reflection, introspection and healing. But I cannot stay there. I must eventually pick myself up and open that door and face what it is I fear most. It is always then that there is much growth, stretching of self, lessons learned and poetic wisdom to be added to that library tucked away in my mind.

I feel more, I hear more, I taste more, I learn more, I see more, I share more, I AM more...when I peel away those layers that are guarding my heart.