Tuesday, February 21

Self Portrait Tuesday

self portrait, kodak LS753

Some of my blog~sisters have inspired me to do Self Portrait Tuesday. Visit there to see what it is all about.

This picture was taken for my friend Letha. I really loathed my new haircut because it had far too many layers than what I was used to. She wanted to see it...so I shot this. I also wanted her to see me completely in the raw...no make up, with all blemishes. I am wearing a tank top and I remember thinking how huge my arm looked. So, needless to say...I thought this picture was crappity crap. It was taken about 6 months ago. The layers have grown out and my natural color is back in action.

I am posting this (with stomache in knots) in honor of all these BRAVE beautiful people that did the same.

We must find beauty in our imperfections.


side note: i submitted one of my pastel drawings to Penelope's "Best Advice I Ever Got" project. it is so fun going thru these. a mountain of wisdom you will find...