Monday, February 6

she danced

carey dancing, taken by sean

She danced.

she sang. she took.

she gave. she served.

she loved. she created.

she dissented. she enlivened.

she saw. she grew.

she sweated. she changed.

she learned. she laughed.

she shed her skin,

she bled on the pages of her days,

she walked through walls,

she lived her intention.

- maryanne radmacher-hershey


the quote above is named "Living Eulogy". think about that. i love that concept.

the first time i had read Maryanne Racmacher-Hershey's work was while shopping with a friend in Seattle at an artsy cardsy boutique in Green Lake. i will never forget it because i stood and stared in awe at the 8X10 cardstock with her beautifully placed words and painted designs up in the corner. the meaning of her words just jumped right out from the page and resonated with my heart. my friend and i left the store and she handed me a bag with one of Maryanne's poems in it. the very one that spoke to me. that was a brilliant moment.

speaking of "she's"...

saw this film yesterday and swooned over their anthropologie-esque wardrobes! oh, and the kissing scenes were yum.

loving this patchouli lotion from this cool she~company

and looking forward to a she~day of wedding gown boutique-ing with carey (pic above) today!!