Monday, February 20


playing with blues, kodak LS753

I am welling up with a warmth, a peace within. It feels like warm water is rising inside my body and I am on the verge of something surreal, something out of this world amazing that is about ready to rush out of my heart and soul like a water fall.

I think some of these things have contributed to this welling...

Discovering the many shades of blue today and being messy with them. No rhyme or reason art...just me wanting to swim in the currents of blue-y-ness. Exploring with no judgement.

A girlie chat and artsy~collage tips from the lovely Sarah.

Thea giving me hope.

Leonie and her sharings of her Women's Circle and hearing about others gravitating towards that powerful, soulful space.

Catching up with my friend Chris. Him telling me that my blog is encouraging him to be more brave with his own feelings. A warm fuzzy type moment that I will hold onto forever.

Misty and her art moving me.

Tammy understanding and loving me through my messy emotions. Anticipating rubbing her swelling womb onto mine for good measure.

Taking a risk and putting my photography out there.

Suzi patiently listening to my anxiety ridden story and calming me out of that space.

Getting re-inspired about my jewelry and dreaming of finding new gems.

Amy and her prayer flags.

Making a yummy brown rice pasta dish and my husband saying it could be served at a gourmet restaurant (riiiiight..thanks honey but you love me).

Listening to a CD that sweet Andrea made for me...and yes, there was some arse-boogie going on up in my loft while painting!

Discovering her talented self...so unique.

My kitty Amber coming up to me and meowing something that sounded like..."Mom". Creepy but cool, I guess. : )

I am sure there is more...but I am so tired and need to dream about Narnia.

All I know is this welling has something to do with feeling more brave, more playful, more loved, more unique, more me.

Goodnight all.