Sunday, February 12

why I love him

carsten and me, kodak LS753

we've both been battling knarly colds and when he has a cold...beware of the snore monster. needless to say, i haven't had much sleep between the sounds coming forth from his nose and our kitties racing around our bed on our hardwood floors.

last night his utmost concern was that i get a good nights rest, so he scrunched up his six foot two body over our five foot five long couch out in our living room. he was adamant about it...wouldn't have it any other way.

so, i thought he would come to me in the wee hours of the morning frustrated with the cats for dancing all around the couch ("yay...daddy's out to play!) and a case of the grumpies for sleeping all cramped up.

instead, he came into our room, stood above me, stroked my hair, leaned down and kissed me all over my face.


one of the many reasons i love him.