Saturday, February 4

Young Love

dave & kelly, taken by my brother in-law Kenny

With Valentines Day approaching...I just had to post this picture of my niece and her boyfriend Dave of a few years because every time I've looked at it this week I transform into a ball of sappy mush.

Ahhhh...sweet, sweet, young love.

I honor their relationship for many reasons but the one that I will share here is their open communication. Neither one of them are afraid to share what is exactly on their minds and in their hearts with one another.

I remember when I was 16 years old that guys were not very bold about their feelings and definitely kept it private amongst their friends. Well, not Dave. He shouts it to the world, as does she.

In fact, when I was their age, I remember "best friends" and "lovers" were very rarely knitted together in the same relationship. Well, now that I think about it...that still stands today for adult relationships. It is indeed rare and something to be cherished.

I am so blessed to have married my best friend.

And I honor Kelly for her first love being her best friend. I am so proud of her for always being true to herself, to him and to her own tribe and proud of him really digging her "self" just as she is.

They are two old souls finding their way into young love together.