Tuesday, March 7


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I read this post from dear Pixie and really feel like she has something here. I then read thru all her anonymous comments and felt a healing going on throughout their brave words. With anonymous names, they felt the freedom to speak their ultimate truth about fears, worries, insecurities that are living within them.

I've always believed in the power of releasing fears by recognizing and acknowledging them, by getting them out there to a place beyond just inside of you. That this is the first step on a path to healing.

That is why this blog has been such a blessing to me. It is inspiring me to speak my truth, my heart, my fears, my worries...to put myself out there and with this, I have felt burdens lifted.

I would like to echo my sister Pixie's request for you to get it out. Write those burdens here (or on Pixie's blog here)...anonymously. Not only to keep your privacy sacred but to also give you the freedom to be raw and truthful.

Get it out there. In the form of a worry, a fear, a rant, a prayer, a confession, a vow. Let's hear it and let the healing begin.

Thank you, Pixie...for enlightening us and challenging us to be brave and search deeper within to the scary bits.


i know i posted three times today. wow...i suppose i was inspired.


Blogger meghan said...

Isn't it amazing that so many people left their fears on her site anonymously?! Even on here where we all put so much of ourselves OUT THERE, there are still things that need to be whispered in the darkest dark. I think that that is what we all forget about each other - that we are all SO frightened of something. (I think I may do a post about this too if you don't mind...) Even the ones who we hold up as being so brave and honest and open are scared of something that they can't share. amazing.

March 8, 2006 at 2:58:00 AM PST  
Blogger gkgirl said...

great idea
and amazing what has come out
of it...

March 8, 2006 at 9:42:00 AM PST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have nothing good to say and no one likes me.

I'm afraid that the people who treat me like I'm worthless are right.

I'm afraid that my hunger to find my 'niche' in life will go on forever.

I'm afraid to make decisions because I'm not "sure".

I'm afraid I'll keep getting fatter and hate myself even more.

I'm afraid that I will go nowhere in life because I'm not skinny.

March 8, 2006 at 9:51:00 AM PST  
Blogger Letha Sandison said...


Inspiring as always!! I am missing your mug today...wish you could be up in the NW on this rainy day! Just wanted to thank you for being you and tell you that you inspired my post today!! I love you!!!

March 8, 2006 at 11:07:00 AM PST  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

i agree! get it out so that it doesn't have power over you.

March 8, 2006 at 2:24:00 PM PST  
Blogger pinkcoyote said...

thank you for inviting me to get it out! i just realized that i make invitations to my readers and then move on without doing it myself. see how much we need to circle to keep it all moving round?? :)
i am sweeping something under the rug, hiding it, what is it's name? my willingness to disconnect, for one. i make effort, big effort to stay connected. something in me wants to check out. why is this? everyone knows me as so connected: to the earth, to others. is it my perception of myself that is skewed? my teacher says that i am, in fact, connected. but in a way that i don't recognize. what the hell does this mean??? i want my old way of connecting back. don't want to grow into another way of being. want to hold on...
thank you boho, you are saving me with every word...

March 10, 2006 at 10:45:00 AM PST  

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