Sunday, June 11


homemade card from Nina, canon digital rebel xt

I loved this card so much that I wanted all of you to enjoy it as well.

Thank you, Nina...for your peace~love~hippy package full of organic goodness! You are a beautiful soul and a very special bloggie sister to me. Whenever I visit your world, I always leave feeling a bit more whole. So, the name of your blog "The Whole Self" couldn't have been more perfect for you. You really know how to make a boho cry happy tears. Thank you for your impeccable timing and thoughtfulness.


Blogger trisha said...

Rats! Did Nina forget to sign my name on the package?

June 12, 2006 at 12:34:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Goddess Leonie * GoddessGuidebook.com said...

oh that is beautiful!!!~
blessed be, nina miracle worker!

June 12, 2006 at 2:53:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Maddy said...

gorgeous card!!
i am going to have a peek at
her site!

June 12, 2006 at 9:32:00 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Den~ I just watched the trailer to your movie...and I'm still wiping the tears away. Wow!

The card is adorable~ she captured you in paper.

I love sewing things on cards too. It's always a surprise how it will turn out.

This has a very *happy* feel to it.

missing you always (which sucks ;) XX Dar OO

June 12, 2006 at 9:42:00 AM PDT  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

i love it!

June 12, 2006 at 2:52:00 PM PDT  
Blogger nina beana said...

so sweet. thank you. glad you enjoyed everything...i'll be sending a better email soon when i wake up refreshed...it's been a long, long day!


June 12, 2006 at 7:23:00 PM PDT  

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