Thursday, October 30

supporting grassroots with lipstick*

for jeanette, canon 50D

Jeanette reached out to me so lovingly and gently in support of our upcoming adoption and yet also expressed very powerfully her passion towards this grassroots cause in Arizona: Vote No On 102: Take A Picture, Take A Stand!. She kindly asked me if I was interested in supporting them.

Absolutely, I am!

So, I wrote it on my mirror in lipstick, cause I've always wanted to do that. ; ) I love the sign my dear friend Stacy did as well.

This past week, our own Proposition 8 here in California has weighed heavily on my mind. I feel very strongly and always have that love is love...and it is not our place to take rights away from anyone that chooses to commit to the love of their life.

Of course this is indeed very personal for me. I have a dear friend that has been in my life for over twenty years. He found his soul mate, and just recently got married and him and his extraordinary husband adopted a beautiful girl. They've raised her in a remarkable way and she's stellar and well loved and well rounded. She has two of the coolest dads and a high self esteem to boot.

Enough said.

So, I am honored to be part of Jeanette's grassroots cause in Arizona, as well as support our own here in California. This is why I wrote both No on 8, as well as No on 102 on my mirror.

Jeanette is also holding a giveaway for everyone who submits their photo to the Flickr group. I am donating an 8x10 print of choice from my shop.

See you at the polls on Tuesday!